Aurora’s GEO ICE facility is a private immigrant detention center whose shadowy practices are obscured from advocates and lawmakers alike. But through the stories of those fighting to free their loved ones, and those who have done time on the inside, this film will shine a light on a facility too often shrouded in darkness.

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The disturbing realities of America's immigration polices are coming to light - policies that are bringing into question the moral and legal implications of continuing down this current path.  

    Today, over 400,000 people are booked into ICE custody, a policy of mandatory detention started in 1996 by President Clinton. 

Running and operating these facilities is GEO Group, a multi-billion dollar Florida-based private prison company with a track record of wage theft, forced labor, false record-keeping, poor oversight and detainee mistreatment. 


This film addresses seriously the federal government's ability to detain people, highlighting some of the most common areas of neglect, including medical neglect/abuse, nutrition issues and prolonged detention. 

    According to federal government data, GEO Group receives more taxpayer dollars for immigration detention than any other ICE contractor


So we start at the source to tell this story, with interviews from current and former detainees, families fighting to be reunited, and the experts and advocates trying to save lives while a pandemic rages inside.

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Documentary Short  //  46 minutes

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Claudia's Story

Claudia Robles' husband was detained and handed over to ICE after an argument in their home. Now, she struggles to explain to her young daughter why her father can't come home.

Keinada's Story

Keinada Andereas was on her way to college orientation when she and her father were detained by ICE. At only 18 years old, and with no criminal record, she experienced the horrors of detention at the GEO facility first-hand.

Neda's Story

Neda Samimi-Gomez' father, Kamyar Samimi, was a legal permanent resident. But after being detained by ICE at the GEO detention center in 2017, he died from medical neglect and incompetence. Now, she tells his story.


Kesha's Story

Kesha and her daughter continue the fight to free her husband, Pablo, who has been detained since January 2020 and survived through a flu and mumps outbreak in the facility. We trace GEO's unlawful attempt to secretly deport Pablo on June 30, 2020.


Raul's Story

Despite being brought here as a small child, Raul was detained in the GEO ICE detention center for 11 months following a run in with the law. Now free, he sees it as his mission to expose this facility for what it is.

Expert Interviews

Experts in immigration policy, legal and public health arenas discuss the historical and current issues surrounding GEO Group and America's flawed immigration policies. From the origins of GEO Group, the nation's largest private prison company, to statements by immigration lawyers and those seeking transparency from day one, we capture the full story of America's history of unlawful detainment.

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JEREMY FLOOD, DIRECTOR is a videographer, director, and editor based in Denver, Colorado. He specializes in cinematic documentary storytelling and has worked with political campaigns, unions, and advocacy organizations to tell stories that move people to action.

MEGAN MERCER, PRODUCER is a Colorado-based Producer and Political Scientist who uses her background in International Security to promote film projects centered around progressive stories that are important to her. 

AUSTIN BEDELL, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY is a video director, editor and photographer. Originally from Colorado, he's worked in Los Angeles, Seattle, Hong Kong, Oaxaca and Guatemala with numerous brands and bands.